In that case, try planing diagonally to the grain or use a sharp scraper instead. What Europeans call Sycamore is actually in the Acer family . What the Australians, on the third hand, call maple (actually Queensland maple, Flidersia braleyana) is part of the satinwood family (rutaceae).". Nearly white in color with a fine, close texture, notable uniform structure, and straight grain that may be … Because of its toughness and resistance to splitting, sycamore … London Plane tree is supposed to be a hybrid of the American and Asian types . 'dimension1': 'American Sycamore', Sycamore trees are prone to fungal diseases as they grow. DI-NOC™ WG 248 Sycamore Wood Grain 3M™ Vinyl Door wrap - Walls wraps - countertop wraps, cabinet wraps, and more We are here for you!! Sycamore wood does not give off odors or taste and will not stain anything it is contact with, making it suitable for use as a food container. Sycamore lumber stains easily and finishes well. American Sycamore and Asian Sycamore are very similar . Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) is North America’s tallest hardwood. Recommended for experienced turners. It contrasts well with other species. Sycamore … Furniture, furniture parts (drawer sides), millwork, paneling and moulding, flooring, kitchenware, butcher blocks, toys, and fruit crates. The only way that it is attractive and useful for woodworking purposes is when it is quarter-sawn," he said. 'dimension2': 'Wood Explorer', "Quartersawing is essential for the sycamore look: the rays and fleck only show up when the wood's pretty well quartered. [CDATA[//>