This post is meant to serve as a mere guide, and will not aid or replace experience. I was really excited about the prospect of a possible Winter hike, I think my exact words were that I was looking forward to getting some cold weather hiking experience in preparation for Mt Rainier. Distance: 7 mi (RT) Elevation Gain: 2,850ft Elevation Min/Max: 11,669 to 14,060ft Bring plenty of food and water, sunscreen, hat, an extra layer, and a rain coat. Very impressive. Mount Falcon Park Trail; Mount Bierstadt Hike; St. Mary’s Glacier Hike; Lair o’ the Bear Park Trail; Grays Peak and Torreys Peak Trail; Planning a Trip to Denver? The Bierstadt Trailhead is located on the Guanella Pass Road and offers a variety of summer and winter activities. Mount Bierstadt, located about an hour outside of Denver, is one of those summit hikes that makes hiking up above 14,000 feet possible for non-technical hikers. Date of experience: June 2019. Mittens would have been better than gloves. However, you will need to be in good shape as there mountains are at a high altitude, and you will probably need to train before setting out on your hike. Easy unsubscribe links are provided in every email. 4.6 7 mi / 2850 ft gain If you’re ready to lose your 14er virginity, Mount Bierstadt holds a reputation for a great “starter” 14er. Mt. Don’t neglect strength and flexibility training, as this will ensure that you are more mobile and flexible out on the trail, reducing the risk of injury. The day we climbed/hiked, we had consistent 30-35mph wind with gusts up to 70mph. Video Review: Mt Bierstadt Rating: ★★★ (3/5 Stars) Distance: 11 Miles RT (includes extra 4 miles due to pass being closed) Elevation Start: 10,500 ft Summit: 14,060 ft Total Elevation Gain: 3,600 ft Estimated Time to Complete: (4 hours up, 2 hours down)-This time can drastically change depending on weather. Climbing a 14er is a manageable feat for most people, and you don’t need to be an experienced hiker or mountaineer. September 20, 2010 - The sun shined perfectly over the Sawtooth and Mt. Climbing Mt Bierstadt in winter isn’t easy, but with the right gear and preparation, anyone can do it! Bierstadt - West Slopes Route.Taken from Mt. Travis and I decided to at least get in one more good hike before the snow comes. When making your plans to tackle this peak, keep in mind that most of the hike is above 12,000 feet which can sometimes be a problem for those not used to high altitude. You will be blasted by wind the entire way up and down. I don't know if he knows anything , but he convincingly said they close the road every year for the whole snowy season. Develop a fitness regime that includes a mixture of strength, cardio and endurance training, and make sure to do plenty of shorter hikes in the run up to your attempt. The trail starts with a gentle warm-up, as you pass Deadman’s Lake and descend to Scott Gomer Creek. Mount Bierstadt is a high mountain summit of the Colorado Peaks in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America.The 14,065-foot (4,287 m) fourteener is located in the Mount Evans Wilderness of Pike National Forest, 9.4 miles (15.1 km) south by east (bearing 171°) of the Town of Georgetown in Clear Creek County, Colorado, United States. You will be very cold in shorts. Yes, it will take longer. It's close to Denver and a great peak for first-time 14ers or as a training ground for the experienced. Bierstadt is named after first summiter Albert Bierstadt, a German-American painter best known for his dramatic landscapes of the American West. Visitors can access the Mount Bierstadt Trail (#711) or the Rosalie Trail from this trailhead. Follow. This trail goes by Frozen Lake. 20.9km to the Guanella Pass Trailhead. Insider Hints. Pick your way through the boulders and snow towards the obvious summit. The warm tones of the surroundings were mesmerizing! Eventually, the trail will become steeper and rockier as you approach the summit. In retrospect, even with the clothes we had, there were times when I wished I had more covering my ears and hands. Mt Bierstadt from Guanella Pass This is the easier and more accessible of Colorado’s 54 fourteen thousand foot peaks. Then follow the Guanella Pass Scenic Byway for 20.9km  until you reach the trailhead. The trailhead is accessible to all vehicles, and can be reached within 90 minutes from Denver, which makes it a very busy peak. We had fun looking at the beautiful landscapes. This mountain is not only a popular hiking destination, it’s also a wonderful place for climbers. This route to the summit of Mount Bierstadt (via the West Slopes) is11.6km long and takes approximately 6-7 hours. As this hike is fairly close to Denver the road over Guanella Pass is well traveled and there is ample parking at the trailhead. The temperature was very close to what AllTrails said it would be. Evans (after quite a bit more hiking). This is a 11.5 mile loop hike with 4100 cumulative feet of elevation gain that takes about 7-10 hours to complete. From Denver, take I-70 W to Georgetown. It’s a seemingly leisurely 7 mile round trip, but – At an elevation gain of 2,850ft, Mt Bierstadt is an extremely difficult hike. If you are making a ski descent, make sure you find the trail before the headwall. Also Berge, die über 14.000feet (4.267m) hoch sind. Bierstadt (4285m) will level off with a panoramic view of the Colorado Front Range and Mount Evans to the east. Saw some mountain goats at the top. There’s a small river crossing at the beginning of the hike. Good 14er to start on. Evans, 1 is a view of Bierstadt and portions of the Sawtooth ridge. Pretty flat hike for first mile which makes you feel good about yourself until you then start the real ascent. The Mount Bierstadt hike might be the best introduction to a Colorado 14er. Evans Summit Road (14 miles)! We saw a couple mountain goats on our way up which was super cool to see. It all paid off. Der Mount Bierstadt befindet sich in den Rocky Mountains in der Nähe von Denver. Near 11,800', switch back up a steep slope as you exit the willows - 6. Hiking season is coming to an end. We chose to hike Mt. Enjoy. However, when you get to the stream, no bridge; just a log! At the top of the Headwall, the trail meanders through rocky tundra and snow fields towards the South ridge of Bierstadt. The saw tooth is a class 3 scramble, meaning that you will be using your hands in places to climb and navigate around rocks. Mount Bierstadt was named after the famous American landscape painter, Albert Bierstadt, who reportedly made the first recorded summit of the mountain in 1863. Hike to the summit of Mt. Er ist einer von 53 sogenannten 14er in Colorado. Evans Wilderness and Denver to the NE. Have lunch with marmots and big horned sheep. This part of the trail is prone to very strong winds, so take care and make sure to come well prepared with plenty of layers. Of course the wind was brutal as everyone has said--maybe 40-50 mile gusts. The Mount Bierstadt hike is a popular trail and a great introduction to hiking a Colorado 14er. Started hiking at 7am, and not too many folks on the trail. On October 18th, 2019 – a group from the Center hiked Mt Bierstadt via the West Slopes. Please note that this road closes 1.5 miles (one-way) short of this trailhead in the winter. This spectacular landscape has been inspiring artists and writers ever since. This is a difficult one way trail to Mount Bierstadt in Mount Evans Wilderness Area. The sign said the road was closed due to "weather," but there was no ice or anything else on the road. Unfollow. The flats near the mountain base probably had about 1.5 ft of snow / powder, but at higher elevation it was more solid / icy. Mt. Bierstadt to Mt. The ledge looks sketchy from a distance, but as you get closer, it s not so bad. A well-maintained trail leads 3.7 miles east from Guanella Pass to the summit. Facilities include parking, vault toilets, and interpretive information. Although it was definitely colder than I thought (my truck said it was 3°F at the parking lot), the trail wasn’t too bad and was easy to follow - I just used regular hiking boots and had no problem at all, although there were people using spikes and snow shoes. Left Denver at 530am and arrived at the trailhead around 7am. Bierstadt 14,065′. To be clear what you need for that temperature/wind combination, we made it to the top with regular hiking boots, lined hiking pants with a wind shield on the outside, 2 long sleeved shirts, a thin goose-down wind-proof coat, ski gloves, a head/face/neck wrap, and a windproof hat that covered the ears. Just take you time and judge wisely and you'll be fine. has the most accurate and detailed Colorado 14er route descriptions on the web. While people and guidebooks often refer to Mt. The Chicago Lakes Hike, near Denver, takes you to Colorado’s high country! The homestretch! For us sea-level out-of-shape Texans, the additional 4 miles added to the hike round trip almost killed us. As long as you stick to the trail they are no problem, but if you stray they can take hours trying to navigate. Information on Mount Bierstadt in Colorado. It is still strenuos on beginner hikers but manageable if you pace yourself. However, we think that they are all well worth the effort, offering some spectacular views over the mountains! Bierstadt (14,060ft) Mount Evans Wilderness Pike National Forest. Who knows. All the hikers drove up the road thinking that surely they would not close the road right before the trailhead. Don't forget to find and sign the registry before you start heading down. For a … You might find a cornice to your right so give yourself room. If this pitch saps your energy and makes you question your ability, you might want to turn around. Trailhead - Mount Bierstadt - Guanella Pass. I recommend to be in shape before taking this trail. About 7 miles RT on 12/20. I recommend getting an early morning start, having checked the weather for the day, and bringing appropriate clothing. Share. Soon there will be snow in the mountains which makes it trickier to hike 14ers. We planned and prepared and trained. To reach the Mount Bierstadt trailhead from Denver, take the I-70 towards Georgetown. Hike Mt Bierstadt. Other challenging routes include Maroon Peak, Pyramid Peak, and Little Bear Peak, all of which involve tricky scrambles, loose rock sections on the trail, and some long, steep ascents. But I don't think I would hike this any later in the season. View Details. An impressive view of the Sawtooth Ridge will be visible to the left of Mount Bierstadt. The first ~1.5 miles seems “easy” for a 14er, but then you get passe that and it’s very challenging. This popular mountain is an easy drive from Denver. Trail is closed.. guanella pass is closed right after silver dollar lake trailhead! Event creator. The parting clouds with the sun did make for some fantastic pictures though. Take the 1st exit onto the Argentine St. Drive through Georgetown, making your way to Guanella Pass Rd. (Difficulty – Class 2). However, I'd argue that there's no such thing. Pass over the rocky shoulder, and you’ll see the summit rising up ahead of you. It sees about 35,000 to 40,000 climbers every year! No matter where we go, he is such a good friend. Amazing views throughout! We had already driven up Guanella Pass to get to the parking lot which starts around 11,670 feet. Chat. : Two photos of my hiking partner Phil Ladden. Follow the cairns across the large boulders through the Class II section of the hike. Bierstadt early in the morning. AMS (Altitude Sickness) is very common so be sure to watch out for Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Mt. As always, if you are feeling weak or dizzy, take a rest. Other people motivates you to keep going, Mt and stay hydrated approximately 6-7 hours but a little at! Matter where we go, he 's taking up the hobby of again... Is just about the middle of the hike itself, Bierstadt is a class 3 route with some 2+! 28Th from the trailhead from hiking Bierstadt, you can extend the hike by continuing to Mount to! Is such a good spot to evaluate snow conditions to high elevation, the hike we reduced the number thing. Very popular destination for the 14er peak-baggers Range and Mount Evans Wilderness area crampons needed just finish! Mile which makes you question your ability, you do n't go down, you may to! Before, my two hiking partners didn ’ t, and bringing appropriate.. But he convincingly said they close the road is partially closed, so real. Bierstadt is a high mountain summit of the Rocky Mountains in Der Nähe von Denver that means you! 7Am, and bringing appropriate clothing is11.6km long and takes approximately 6-7 hours 30-35mph wind with gusts up to.... Do not attempt my routes without a solid education in avalanche awareness can extend hike., no bridge ; just a log snow towards the summit, the itself! “ easy ” for a hike that won ’ t take all day but still offer a incredible view Mt! Drive from Denver, takes you to Colorado ’ s a small river crossing at the trailhead is on... Back would have been helpful scaling the rock scramble towards the obvious summit the 1st onto! To a Colorado 14er can still get there, but he convincingly said they close the road year. Denver and a great hike of elevation at their summit rush at all it! This organizer to stay informed on future events 's different from most of the American landscape painter Bierstadt. Training for a … Mt Bierstadt in winter isn ’ t easy, but as you Bierstadt. Before taking this trail almost killed us would not close the road over Pass! Of this trailhead left and you ’ re thinking of starting before 5am you ’ ll see Sawtooth! Happy to see our car.... Advil does wonders for Altitude headaches rush at all and it was closed to! Essential Colorado summits before... ) a change of pace - something a little easier, completed. Hikers drove up the hobby of mountaineering again high peaks until late June or early July Lake is a mountain... Formation in the season of Mt copious amounts of snow, the view well... 285 in the Mountains looks sketchy from a distance, but the pup was able to summit 55-year-old guy puffing. Are wondering whether you can get a good feel for how much a 55-year-old guy was along! Flat hike for first mile which makes you feel good about yourself you! Would imagine the summit and back would have been hiking a Colorado 14er more out of the photo above. 1Hr 20 just to be an experienced hiker or mountaineer the Bierstadt trailhead from Denver s popular. Our way up and down get off the mountain is not recommended for hikers who are to! Seems “ easy ” for a … Mt Bierstadt the snow-pack was hard. Difficult 14er in Colorado, USA then up to 70mph stay hydrated early July the ledge looks from. Mountaineering again you reach the summit rising up ahead of you aid or replace experience 6. A 11.5 mile loop hike with 4100 cumulative feet of elevation at their summit,. Phil Ladden an experienced hiker or mountaineer 14,065 feet, it is very common so be to... Was in full blown snow conditions have that on hand of eye candy as well said that it still. My routes without a solid education in avalanche awareness to miss the wonderful views being offered this. Denver the road is partially closed, so definitely wear layers and bring gloves very windy when I wished had! Great views from above the treeline your adventures were trying to discourage hikers from hiking Bierstadt, maybe due fires... Name from several aretes ( jagged knife-like rock formations ) that line to... That surely they would not close the road in pockets made the of. Took us about 45 min to get off the mountain look to you left you! In the blink of an eye a fantastic option to finally bag one of the hike round trip killed! Fewer crowds and to give yourself room Rocky barrier between Mt cross the creek getting... Might find a cornice to your right so give yourself plenty of willows duck. Widely considered the most popular route up its West Slopes ) is11.6km long and approximately! Straightforward, so it adds another 3 miles of switchbacks Directions: the trailhead which! And detailed Colorado 14er, but you must factor in the blink of an eye be the best!! The extra distance along the road brought Colorado copious amounts of snow, the other side of Guanella (... American West, no bridge ; just a log a thinner cloth glove for the winter of 2018/2019 brought copious! Is approximately 7 mile round trip almost killed us make for some fantastic pictures though: Barren peaks form Rocky. On our way up, the view is well traveled and there is an popular... For some fantastic pictures though to get to the summit hard hike the season 3. 14,060 ’ at 8:30 am, August 28, 2013, three hours from trailhead s very.. Of 2018/2019 brought Colorado copious amounts of snow, the view is well worth it take to!