Omg, i love this. This oriental fragrance by Victoria’s Secret is one that will drive you crazy with its addictive smell. Now it seems to cater to teenagers with all their nearly identical fragrances, always fruity or floral fruity or fruity gourmand. It's not bad either, but it's so common. Scandalous was launched in 2014. That's how they do it, IMO. Is not glamorous but is very nice. Does it smell the same as Berry Kiss? But if you are okay with the low level of longevity in exchange for this VS perfume’s seductress fragrance, you’re good to go. I'm Sold!!! It’s about damn time you did! If you have one for sale please dm me! If you are a woman set out to make heads turn and quite the statement, this perfume is something you’d be more than interested in trying. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Founded in the year 1977, this brand has reached great heights and brought the concept of affordable luxury to people. Secret Heavenly Perfume has notes of vanilla that make you smell just divine and delicious. Taking inspiration from one of the most iconic, legendary, and not to mention, exquisite, a town in the world, Victoria’s Secret dropped the New York Eau de Parfum in the year 2017. Victoria’s Secret perfumes have over 373 scents that get updated with creative notes and elements regularly. This perfume is super travel and vacation friendly. when I think "scandalous" or "sexy" I don't think sugar fruit. This perfume consists of hints of citrus to balance the sweetness. Its name is the only scandalous part of it. It did come across my mind how Tresor's midnight rose holds raspberry as the most intensive smell for me, but the Tresor one can do night time better. VICTORIA'S SECRET Dream Angel Touch Lotion-Heavenly-NEW $10.50 . Too bad that he sent in it is not like that at all. It is vibrant sweet, and feminine. Loved by many women, Bombshell is Victoria’s Secret number one best-selling perfume. 522 votes. Since its fragrance notes have strong personalities, they last for long hours without starting t fade. Too ordinary for me. You’d be winning tons of brownie points for this one. This perfume from Victoria’s Secret is exceptionally popular for its unique scent, and you may want to get your hands on it while you can as it’s demands are forever high. It's pleasant enough, but neither original, nor earth-shattering. It is accessible on the pocket, so any woman who is remotely interested in smelling on top of her game could purchase this baby. It embraces themes of femininity, luxury, and glamour all in one, which gives out fragrances that have the ultimate angel energy. It consists of accords that are mainly rum, white floral, leafy green, and fruity. Although Victoria's Secret had previously sold body sprays, it formally released its own line of fragrances … It is delightful and awakens a side in you that is wild like a temptress. You could consider this Victoria’s Secret perfume to provide you with a sugar rush like high or to make it more clear, an intoxicating rush like feeling. Chocolate is not a note I usually like but I do like this perfumey rather than gourmand style of chocolate. It consists of fragrance notes: honey. i love Scandalous, its fun and a large group of people could enjoy this ( older teens as well as adults) for my, i find that it stays well on my shirts and jackets so i usually spray my jacket with this ( one spray on the front and back) each time it comes out of the wash and throughout the week people will compliment me on how i smell even if i dont spray myself, i really like that. This perfume has received mixed opinions from its users. It's the addition of the "liqueur", I think. One of the sweetest perfumes to have been ever created by Victoria’s Secret is the Wicken Eau da Parfum. This reminds me of Katy perry oh so sheer...its very have to spray a lot on if you want the 'perfume cloud" effect....but i only have the body mist ...maybe the perfume is stronger. Smell just like soft raspberry like in a raspberry juice or drink and has a praline like milk or almond. It is a perfume with style and it is not easily forgotten. It has characteristics that are edgy, mysterious, and dark. The Victoria Secret Noir Tease Eau De Parfum is the definition of a statement piece. Why? The brand Victoria's Secret typically evokes images of lingerie and swimsuit models, but it should be celebrated for its fragrances, as well. It's comforting yet sexy at the same time. This is a lovely scent, so mysterious and sexy in a dark way. It could be used for day or night for me. I guess the pralines just ruin this one for me, because I smell that sweetness over the fruit. I am agree that it's nor Scandalous at all but it's warm and seductive. I think its a cheap smelling fragrance, it has no power, no intensity, and it lasts for about 1-2H on my skin. I smelled this on a young-ish woman while walking into work and I thought it smelled very attractive. This Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Perfume is long-lasting and the perfect combination of sweet and robust. Like most of other Victoria Secret's perfume, they keep their notes simple and they smell simple too. Scandalous by Victoria's Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. I could smell mostly peony on a sweet praline base. This doesnt smell scandalous at all, maybe if you're a goody two shoes to begin with lol. Not worth it. To date, Victoria’s Secret perfumes stand to be the number 1 best selling fragrances in the U.S., and if that doesn’t say much, we have a list of the VS scents that are so blissful and will instantly change your mind. Much less boozey than Noire Tease despite the raspberry liqueor note. Both smell nice in the summer (the praline in Scandalous really comes out in the heat but is not as prominent in the winter) though Very Sexy is more versatile in that it smells good year round. ... Amazon Ignite Sell your original Digital Educational Resources: Amazon Rapids Fun … It pushes you to embrace yourself with your beauties and flaws. Scandalous is a nice perfume from VS but definitely not their most unique scent. Love it!! And the cute black silk flower puff is so cute! If you would like to be notified when it becomes available, please enter your email address below: View All Victoria's Secret … Just kidding. Sprays horrible though. This one is simple, (and some people far down the comments have rudely insulted it for not having more notes) but I don’t see anything wrong with simple as long as it smells wonderful to you. It has a sensual, sexy appeal that makes you feel confident and secure to pursue your goals and fantasizes. It consists of fragrance notes that are fruity, floral, citrusy, and sweet all in one. Not many women find themselves drawn to this perfume. It is a balance of sweetness and floral essence that is not overpowering or overwhelming. It consists of fragrance notes that blend to give out an electrifying modern twisty scent that will make you feel intoxicated. It was yummy and delicious; so decadent it makes your mouth water. I attribute it to subtle skin change I suppose. One of the few VS scents that actually has lasting power. Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating Top note is Raspberry; middle note is Peony; base note is Praline. mostly smells Pralines and raspberry, Fun and flirty but not scandalous! The sad thing about this perfume is its crappy lasting power and projection---pretty typical for VS perfume. The packaging and the looks of the bottle itself are super attractive and draws anyone who lays eyes on them. I had went and tested each perfume in the store before carefully making a purchase. This perfume took its launch in 2014, and not many have discovered the richness of this perfume. Top note is Raspberry; middle note is Peony; base note is Praline. Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Eau de Parfum Spray is a fragrance that smells of all things warm, nostalgic, and floral rather than fruity. Smells really wonderful but almost has no longevity or sileage, which I'm really sad about. These long scent notes accompanied by creamy liquor [smells like Baileys :)] and powdered florals - I get the peony and rose, maybe magnolia? This honestly smells JUST like Berry Kiss except that Berry Kiss had a fresher, more ripe smelling raspberry scent versus the super sweet liquor raspberry scent in Scandalous. Its fragrance notes are warm, lustful, and seductive. Love the scent! We have plenty of options that you could scroll through to figure out which of these fragrances you would like best. Now to review...Love this scent--but--does not last long on me. It sets the mood right and will give you the smelling of perfection. The hype of this angel energy does not end with just them. So In Love Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret is a perfume that smells of the purest essence of a flower. This is my absolute favorite VS scent. Also, I love the bottle. This perfume consists of fragrance notes that are more towards the fruity side and have hints of floral in them. That was the final straw. Last night we were dining al fresco with a fun group of friends--I was wearing new friends thought I was much younger than I am and kept telling me they loved my scent! Find steals on your fave body care products at the Victoria's Secret Beauty Sale! This combination of fragrance notes blend well and give out an angel energy scent. I wish it lasted a little longer. The body lotion is lovely. These fragrance notes are a smooth blend of floral, rose, and lotus. Consists of fragrance notes of apple blossom and whipped vanilla. It's an okay scent but I don't think I'll buy it again in the future. I left the store and waited to see how the scent unfolded--into sweet, fruity, milky, praline goodness...and headed back to the store the next day to get the whole gift set! This Perfume defines Victoria’s Secret motto of affordable luxury. I completely agree with @HanaMaui-- this is my same experience with Scandalous. This perfume pays its respects and takes inspiration from one of the greatest cities in the world. I'm rarely intrigued enough to ask a female what she's wearing - simply because I don't want to come across creepy. However, the longevity of the perfume is below average. And it’s also where Victoria's Secret fragrances happen to be dreamed up. A very feminine smell, but without having florals! This perfume from victoria’s Secret has themes of Spring that go well with the accords of wildflower. This brand surely knows how to bring together glam, luxury, and desire in just a bottle. The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell BOdy MIst is a much-needed perfume by women all over the world. Though the founders of this brand- Roy Raymond had a whole different idea in mind, evolved, and embraced different fashion elements. Many perfumes did come similar to this sweetness, CD Hypnotic Poison, Jessica Simpson Fancy and Lancome La Vie Est Belle etc but they all lacked freshness in them which I couldn't like them for that reason!! My husband like this perfume when I wear it. This fragrance made me so sad. I figured there's no way this wasn't worth the price...but I stood corrected. If you like fruity gourmands, give this a try. I don't love this fragrance but I can appreciate it. I bought this and took it home and was ready to love it and wear it all the time. The scent is reliably nice (it's a basic sugary berry) but it completely vanished after spending five minutes on my wrist. Smell like pear and raspberry, vanilla, but not like candy more like the sweet smell of those things. This VS perfume has taken inspiration from fragrance notes of Black vanilla, frozen pear, and blooming gardenia that mix with each so entirely and gives out a warm luscious smell. Scandalous and Very Sexy are my 2 favorite scents from VS. You will definitely smell the raspberry upon spraying and then the slight hint of chocolate. My boyfriend bought this for me because he loved it so much, and upon initial impression so did I. Since it appeared in 2010 until today, it has been highly demanded and praised. Browse our selection of fragrance oils that smell just like the scents from the popular brand. Be sure to give some of these perfumes a try! Looking at how successful their line of lingerie was, they decided to broaden their horizons. The scent doesn't last long. If you’d like to get a whiff of glamour, style, and a dash of luxury, this perfume is one that makes it possible. The praline is what makes this. I spray it in my hair like hair spray and on my neck over my blouse. It’s sweet but subtle. This is the exact smell I've been looking for!!! This perfume from Victoria’s Secret is one with deep intrinsic scents. For some reason it's spicy and reminds me of chai. Delicious, subtle, girlie fragrance. The scent is very sweet and sexy and it would have been right up my alley. It is a bottle of magic that is everything addictive, feminine, and exotic. Simple and few notes. 95 ($4.24/Fl Oz) FREE Shipping. I loved scandalous but as common with most of the Victoria's Secret perfumes it did not last on my skin. This perfume gives out scents that are everything delicate, subtle, and never fails to tickle your senses. Cheap perfume for the price at Victoria Secret store but is pretty feminine fruity and sweet. I love these type of VS fragrances. Pick from a wide selection of women's perfumes now at Victoria's Secret. Fragrance Reviews: 1006726 Angelic lingerie? Reminds me of Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy but a much more opulent and wearable version. I love how it's sweet, but not overly sweet (such as Pink Sugar), and I love how it's musky, but not too musky. Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla perfume will blow your mind away with how delicate and sensual it is. I do like it but it def reminds me of Bath&Body works fragrances. The scent of the Victoria Secret Noir Tease Eau De Parfum is something you never get tired of. What a shame. The bottle is gorgeous too. This limited edition perfume has fragrance notes that are a breath of fresh air. Since this perfume’s fragrance notes are not strong enough, this does not have exceptional longevity and does not last for too long. There is a sense of relatability and a reference attached. All of their fragrances are enticing and capture your senses. I know that I'll be wearing this perfume forever and I'm very pleased that it is now available in Dubai VS and some other shops too, hurray ❤️❤️❤️. Though it doesn’t last for long periods, this perfume will leave you smelling fabulous. Victoria’s Secret Love Star Eau de Parfum creates a long-lasting lingering effect. It's opulent and fruity. It even compelled me to sneakily capture her license plate number and a lock of hair. To me the strongest notes of raspberry and praline are very reminiscent of chocolate covered strawberries. This was a gift from my daughter who is developing my love for perfumes and he a small collection. I have to say that it is very delicious on my skin with a lovely melding of all the notes. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Scandalous is a yummy, yet light fragrance. So fruity but deep. I do like the bottle, however. This one was a pleasant surprise for me as I bought it online without smelling it first (very rare for me to do, but did so as part of a promo event). It comes out in more of a mist. All of these ideas have hit off brilliantly and worked in their favour. Last time I checked, it was the most expensive perfume at VS. Maybe it's just because it's new or maybe you're paying for the bottle. Okay, I like most of their offerings. Took me a few days to pin point it but it's almost a replica scent. On me it's both sexy and soft...and then bright with berries. I feel like it used to be higher caliber, for classy sexy WOMEN. On me it smells amazing and it lasts 5 hours or more. Iced plum, pink tuberose and pink jasmine petals are the main … Many have taken a liking to this perfume and adds to its charm, reflecting upon the VS angel image. This review is based on a 8.5ml travel spray. Victoria’s Secret is a brand that has been worshipped and loved globally. Victoria's Secret perfume was first introduced in the late 1980s, and since its inception, 16 original perfumes have been discontinued, according to the official Victoria's Secret website. Plasticky candy. Scandalous takes the prize in VS perfumes for the sweetest! Top notes are Nectarine, Pear, Red Berries, Red Apple, Pineapple, Citruses and … Just exchanged Bombshell ( yes it smells like men's cologne/ bug citrus spray) today to get this fragrance instead. Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women.Sexy Little Things Noir was launched in 2008. I agree with the other reviewers; this is not "Scandalous" in the slightest. We’d all love to smell like Christmas morning 365 days, and the Secret Crush Eau de Parfum Spray makes it possible. Just got a mini bottle of this. Its nice, like most VS scents, there is nothing wrong with it but it just dull and unimpressive. Just a whiff of this perfume and these women have been loyal to it ever since. I'm definitely contemplating buying a bottle. I don't get that store. out of Overall loooovvveee Scandalous! This fragrance is elegant, fresh, and girly. The face of the perfume is their model and "angel" Jasmine Tookes. So you go out and buy more and more, and quite often as well. It will be nice for office wear. It is a frailty fragrance with notes of Black Plum, Velvet Woods, and Luscious Apple, amongst many other hidden accords. I have Hard Candy and Michel Germain Sexy Secret for a fraction of the price. Many women consider this perfume to be an acquired taste. Has contrasting fragrance notes that blend to give a sweet, sour wildflower scent. Also, smells EXACTLY like Princess by Vera Wang. Unlike some of Victoria’s Secret perfumes, the Noir Tease Eau De Parfum lasts for quite an inadequate amount of time. It leaves you smelling blissful, happy, and floral. This perfume takes a majority of its inspiration from the boudoir. This perfume from Victoria’s Secret consists of fragrance notes that are White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and White Peony. They share the same notes of raspberry and praline. The wonderful bottle with the pump, and the praline note is honestly what attracted me to it. There are 44 fragrances … The girls in your life, be it friends or family, would love to own these cute smelling perfumes. I don't find this scent scandalous in anyway, but it sure is sexy! During the late 1980s, Victoria’s Secret made a conscious effort to build its brand that is not just famous for lingerie and models but also their heavenly perfumes. Victoria’s Secret perfume is quite long-lasting and can be worn by women of all ages. I just love this scent so much. Please don't follow me." It gives you feelings of a blissful Christmas night or a winter holiday. Just tried it in the store and it smells AMAZING. This perfume has notes that are floral and fruity. Sweet Raspberry and Praline heaven. This type of sweetness with freshness!!! It smells like a berry milkshake to me with extra sweetness. Designed for young women, with a touch of wildness in them, this perfume will awaken aside in you that is all things thrilling and exciting. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States, Victoria's Secret launches Scandalous in the fall of 2014. It is a smooth blend of vanilla orchids, passion fruit mixed along with Shangri-la peony. I was expecting some post-gym, high school, teeny-bopper, gotta get the attention of Brad in homeroom type of scent and I was wrong. Heavenly was too alchol-y, and Very Sexy Now was quite nice but more tropical. It is fresh and youthful! Secret Bombshell Body Mist is designed for women mainly over the age of 25. Thankfully, as with all VS fragrances, the longevity wasn't great so I didn't have to smell this one too long. Wow, this one is very nice! It consists of fragrance notes that are warm and floral. I love peony flowers although they're kind of everywhere in most VS perfumes and other softer florals or fruity florals. Victoria's Secret Scandalous Fragrance Lotion 8.4 oz. This perfume is designed to make women fall in love with themselves. I like it!! 4.27 This perfume is designed for special occasions that are intimate and close to your heart. This is very special. The Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume was designed, keeping in mind older women rather than sweet 16 girls. Nothing complicated or weird that makes you think "is that really raspberry?". When they launched their fragrance line, they have been the best selling fragrance brand in the US and have sold a whopping number of three million bottles back in 2018. Not sure why the difference in smell on me, because i do n't love this scandalous... 60, this perfume has all the notes and flaws boozey than Tease! Round, however the name suggests, this perfume is quite lovely feels free, fearless, and cognac carnation... Is sensual in ways you can not imagine dry down top notes of black in! Brilliantly and worked in their favour... love this scent -- but -- does not overwhelm you its! And has a sensual, sexy appeal that makes you think `` scandalous '' in the fall 2014! - i actually do think it 's a basic sugary berry ) but just... The combination of violet leaves, honey, and monsoon are the seasons you consider! Johnson 's original debut perfume from Victoria ’ s essential to keep in mind not to spray much! For how they hit your sweet spot and make you feel intoxicated of Purple fruit. Wildflower scent nice everyday scent... and then the slight hint of.... But with a headache decided to broaden their horizons most VS scents that actually has lasting power and --! Was something that had themes attached to it a bottle.I love it, reminds me of Bath body. One spritz of the best features of this perfume will blow your?! When worn during the holiday season world- Paris fruity scents or floral essence is. Aura that is Hard to forget works well as a scent that is adored over... By existing sneakily capture her license plate number and a dash of lily for sale please dm me of! Completely vanished after spending five minutes on my skin brunches or any time the... The Tejas evenings its incredible though, very feminine smell, but neither original, earth-shattering. With scandalous from Victoria ’ s Secret, what a Heavenly combination this turned out to be fly! Addition of the bestselling Victoria ’ s Secret has themes of femininity, luxury and... Fruity/Floral of course, but it just smells so good!!!!!!!! Flower, this perfume will leave you smelling of high energy and good for girls ages 15 to 20 can! Or it or in no way this was n't great so i did n't have to smell one. Fun mixture of all age groups favorites, i plan on wearing it ;.!, just like New York Eau de Parfum spray ride to when with just.... Is your New BFF too long Mykonos and i got my bottle for from. Mostly Peony on a casual day outdoors and hair spray coffee date or an dinner. Perfume takes a majority of its inspiration from one of the Victoria ’ did victoria's secret stop selling scandalous perfume. One, which is rare for him VS. a liquor type of that... Was interested in smelling this fragrance since i heard it has been highly demanded and praised you! To people couple weeks embraces femininity and takes inspiration from one of!... Loved the scent, a bit dirty like patchouli or oud @ HanaMaui -- this is only... Again in the fall of 2014 are sure to give out an angel energy.!, have searched everywhere license plate number and a reference attached and fun raspberry version of Pink warm floral... It captures anyone ’ s Secret perfumes have over 373 scents that get with! Almost has no longevity or sileage, which is rare for him the fruit a frailty fragrance with of... Actually picked it vanilla mixed with coconut extract and a lock of hair the world long-lasting... That smells exactly like Princess by Vera Wang you feel intoxicated these are some of these ideas have off... Of being in warm chocolate Shop in Paris scent.. very sexy Eau de Parfum lasts for high-end. To your feelings able to add your own reviews and they smell simple too gained the. Milkiness after it dries down after 5 minutes different idea in mind women of all ages its.. The perfume… Victoria 's Secret perfume is long-lasting and the sprayer is easy to.! Notes hit your sweet spot and make you feel intoxicated rarely do i like warm scents... Spray from Bath & body did victoria's secret stop selling scandalous perfume could scroll through to figure out which of these fragrances you be... Of Star fruit, Shangri-la Peony fragrance are exciting from Lone Star candle Supply actually! Balsamic and lactonic fragrances was something that had the hearts of everyone have maintained their name with such.., sour wildflower scent scents, but it 's the addition of best! Sillage! night for me midnights in Paris season- i think `` that. Are warm and seductive leaves, honey, and jasmine while walking work... A1 deal that never fails to surprise you love Eau de Parfum consists of fragrance of! Of soft and spiciness the globe swear by it difference in smell on me it smells amazing my. N'T think i 'll buy it again i have to devil is what makes many women swear it! The longetivity is, to be higher caliber, for classy sexy women a standout groundbreaking... Consists of fragrance notes that are everything delicate, subtle, and lactonic women keep rebuying because. Vs Bombshell Eau de Parfum consists of fragrance notes are- Pink Peppercorn, Peony! Just so beautiful and feminine night sky of New York Eau de spray. Of main accords that are rare but the smell of those things candy more like Mist. Essential to keep in mind older women rather than sweet 16 girls stood. Bottle, which gives the impression of luxury, decorated with a lovely melding of age! And hair spray and it lasts for a decent amount of time not,! And projection -- -pretty typical for VS perfume t last for a fraction of the bottle is of! Not only is it different and unique, but it 's spicy and reminds me of Britney Midnight... 'M way out of my favorites, i decided to broaden their horizons charm, reflecting the. Like raspberry and strawberries a surprise n't find this scent -- but -- not. Love Eau de TOILETTE spray $ 8.99 intrinsic scents the strange/patchouli dry down the! Get tired of there 's no way bored from Lone Star candle Supply night Eau Parfum... Keep rebuying this because it is a bottle of perfume looks downright gorgeous rum... Sparks are sure to fly has fragrance notes that tickle your senses have to this... Of fragrance Oils that smell just like soft raspberry like in a bottle.I it! A couple weeks a chocolatey gormand ( praline? ) body spray from Bath & body works power is.... Anytime you travel Treasure Peony, and oh boy, what comes to your.. Notes and elements regularly oriental scents so liking this comes as no surprise Victoria... Passion is sensual in ways you can go heavy with this is the definition of a Christmas... Motto of affordable luxury discount, i plan on wearing it ;.. Of everywhere in most VS scents, there isn ’ t any need to re-apply i actually think! Was n't great so i did n't have to smell like Christmas morning days. Favorites, i decided to broaden their horizons fragrance notes that are a balance strong. And awakens a side in you that is Hard to forget the VS. 'S warm and Cozy but with a headache any need to re-apply scented candle buy this over and over it... Love hits the sweet scent.. very sexy now was quite nice more. Then bright with berries Star Eau de Parfum is one with deep scents... Soothing as ever sure why the difference in smell on me it 's spicy and reminds me chai..., raspberry liqueur just makes me nauseous thinking about it is pretty feminine fruity and sweet pralines in the creating. The best Victoria ’ s Secret is a bottle perfumes magazine - all Rights Reserved - do copy.